WordPress分类广告主题Adifier v3.9.4免费下载

WordPress分类广告主题Adifier v3.9.4免费下载-谷歌大脑
WordPress分类广告主题Adifier v3.9.4免费下载

WordPress分类广告主题Adifier v3.9.4免费下载

WordPress分类广告主题Adifier v3.9.4免费下载演示Demo: https://themeforest.net/item/adifier-classified-ads-wordpress-theme/21633950

WordPress分类广告主题Adifier v3.9.4特点:

  • 多种广告类型:Adifier支持各种广告类型,包括拍卖、定期出售列表、购买、交换甚至工作机会,以满足不同的分类需求。
  • 自定义字段系统:了解不同的产品或服务具有独特的属性,主题提供了自定义字段系统。此功能允许平台运营商根据广告类别定义特定属性。
  • 高级搜索:用户可以毫不费力地找到他们正在寻找感谢一个复杂的搜索机制,考虑到位置,类别,自定义字段,等等。
  • 货币化就绪:Adifier Nulled配备了多种货币化方法,例如突出显示的广告,顶部广告和快速广告。还有一个完整的订阅系统集成。
  • 消息传递系统:通过内置的消息传递系统简化了通信,使买家和卖家能够在平台内匡威。
  • 评论和评级系统:信任在分类平台中至关重要。Adifier的审查和评级系统允许用户提供反馈,确保透明度和可信度。
  • 社交登录:为了简化用户注册过程,Adifier提供了社交登录功能,允许用户使用他们的社交媒体帐户注册或登录。

WordPress分类广告主题Adifier v3.9.4优点:

  • 交钥匙解决方案:Adifier不仅仅是一个主题;它是一个全面的解决方案,为那些想要推出一个分类平台。从广告提交到用户交互,一切都是预先配置的。
  • 可扩展性:Adifier在构建时考虑了性能,可以处理大量的列表和流量,确保平台保持响应和高效。
  • 以用户为中心的设计:分类平台的成功往往取决于用户体验。Adifier直观的设计确保用户可以轻松地导航、搜索和交互。
  • 高度可定制性:虽然Adifier是现成的,但它不会将网站管理员绑定到固定的设计。该主题提供了大量的定制选项,以符合品牌标识和偏好。


Adifier is a really full categorised advertisements market. All itÕs options are constructed from scratch which ends up in having solely the issues that are required. It was fastidiously crafted with a whole lot of analyzing of all fashionable marketplaces in an effort to embrace all obtainable options and add those which had been lacking. LetÕs see among the options which the theme affords.

Adifier v3.9.4 Key Features:

– Ad types: Adifier can display all kinds of ads, including auctions, regular sales, buying, trading, and job offers.

– Custom fields system: Each ad can have its own unique set of attributes, so it’s easy for platform operators to define what those attributes are.

– Advanced search: The search function is smart and powerful, letting users find what they need easily by location, category, and custom fields.

– Monetization ready: Adifier is set up to earn money with highlighted ads, top ads, and quick ads. It even has a subscription system.

– Messaging system: Buyers and sellers can communicate quickly and easily within the platform.

– Review & rating system: The system encourages users to leave feedback on ads, so the platform stays transparent and trustworthy.

– Social login: Signing up is a cinch with the social login feature, so users can register or log in using their social media accounts.

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